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We started this business with an aim to make peoples lives easier not just that but to be able to make sure that their beloved dogs were getting the daily stimulation required.
We now have a greater understanding of what our customers (2 legged and 4 legged) want, from where to walk to what time of day if the weather is suitable for the dogs to go out (not to hot) and just making sure that the health and safety of the dog is at the forefront of why we do what we do.

Between us we have a life time of dog care and understanding, we grew up with dogs and have attended dog first aid courses to gain extra knowledge of what to do in an emergency. We take our job very seriously which is why we have the top dog walking insurance which covers walking under any eventuality. Our van is specifically designed for the transport of precious cargo. We have a fully crated van with fully accessible water at all times.

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A Dog's health & Wellbeing

Making sure that your dogs are kept fit and healthy is so important. All dogs need a nice healthy diet along with plenty of exercise. Use us to make sure that your dog gets everything required. A good walk, kept clean and tidy, fed and watered. With us you can be sure that we can manage all of this for you. Also allowing your dog to get exercise will also stimulate brain and body function like you would never have seen before.
Dog Treatment

We know that your dog is the love of your life.

At Dog Days Out we treat every dog as if it were our own as we know that it is important to you that when your dogs come away from your home they are treated with the upmost respect and compassion.

If you have an idea of what you want your dog to achieve whilst out with us then please let us know, if your dog has specific dietry requirements and can’t have certain treats then again let us know.

When we do a home visit we will check all of this off with you anyway.

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For further information please get in touch.